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Children's size table


To help you determine the correct child size, I have provided a standard size chart below. This table provides an overview of all children's sizes, assuming a child with an average weight and average height for the relevant age category. That age category is an indication, not every child grows at the same rate or has the same physique at that particular age. That is why I recommend that you mainly look at the height of the child. After all, this body size is decisive. If the height of the child falls between two children's sizes, I recommend taking the largest size. Also take a size up for children who grow faster or have a slightly larger build. What is the correct way to measure? Take off the child's shoes. Place the child with the back against a straight surface (for example a wall) and have him assume an upright position. Now take the tape measure and measure the child from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head. Example: The child measures 70 centimeters, then make your choice from items of size 74.